CampCo Day Camps

CIT Program!
No longer accepting Applications Summer 2021

Ages: 13-17 years
Dates/Times: Mandatory Training Friday, June 4th, 10am-1pm
Please do not apply if you are unable to attend this meeting.
See Application for Times and week choices of CIT weeks.
Where: Lake Mission Viejo (LMVA), Lake Forest Sun & Sail (LFSS)
What: Can’t get a job without experience, yet can’t get experience without a job? We can help! CampCo is looking for a few good helpers to be extra hands, eyes, ears and smiles at Summer Camp. Is this you?
- Age 13-17
- Love Kids
- Responsible
- Reliable
- Fun-Loving
- Fast Learner
- Big Smile
- Hard Working
- Would love a future career as a camp counselor, teacher or child care professional.

Take some time out of your busy summer to gain the experience you need so you can get a job in the future! You will get hands-on experience assisting our camp counselors with campers.

  • The C.I.T. Program is meant to be a learning program about how to apply, interview & work at a job.  We request that all calls and contact with CampCo be done by the TEEN rather than the parent, just as if this were a “real job.” Teens are encouraged to ask their parents for guidance and for help to practice prior to their calls to and interviews with CampCo.

  • Being a C.I.T. for CampCo is a great opportunity to gain “job” experience prior to being old enough to get a job.  This is a learning opportunity and is an unpaid position.  Youth accepted into the C.I.T. Program will get hands-on experience assisting our camp counselors with campers.

  • The TEEN must complete this application. Applications completed by a parent will be returned to the teen.

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 13-17 years old, by the first day of the Session.

  • Applicants will have an opportunity for an interview at dates and times determined by CampCo.  Not all applicants will be accepted into the Program.  Potential C.I.T.’s apply to the program, are interviewed, and  if offered a 1-week position, must attend Mandatory Training, will receive a CIT shirt, nametag and help at camp for one or multiple weeks, this summer. 

  • CampCo is waiving the usual fee for offering this opportunity for C.I.T.s who are willing to commit to at least one week during Summer 2021.   

  • Applications will be accepted April 1st-May 2nd, 2021.  On a space-available basis.

  • Those who are accepted into the program must attend our MANDATORY TRAINING, June 4th 10am-1pm. Please do not apply if you are unable to attend the mandatory training.
    Apply: CampCo is no Longer Applications for the CIT Program Summer 2021